R4 in DSTT casings

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    Jan 20, 2008
    Just a heads up.
    I purchased a couple R4 revolutions (original R4 units) from "eachgame" listed in shoptemp.
    The carts that arrived were in DSTT packaging and in DSTT casings. I was a little miffed but whatever just a new cart to learn to use.
    After some confusion and frustration trying to get the things to work, I noticed the carts kept asking for "_ds_menu.dat".
    They refused to load any variation of DSTT firmware.
    Since I have a really old R4 I remembered the firmware used "_ds_menu.dat".
    Grabbed the WoodR4 firmware and dropped it on the SDcard. Booted right into WoodR4 and everything was A-OK.

    If you have a DSTT thats throwing THIS error then your DSTT is not a DSTT and I suggest you try the WoodR4 firmware on filetrip. http://filetrip.net/nds-downloads/flashcart-files/download-wood-r4-151-f30587.html

    1:Back up SD
    2:Format SD
    3:Copy/Paste the extracted firmware and a test rom
    4:Boot the DS

    Not sure if if they are actual R4 revisions or some kind of fakes but WoodR4 is working on them.

    Just to be 100% clear, I am refering to the original style DSTT for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS LITE.