R4 ds errors when trying to patch roms

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    Bleh i just realized i put this in the wrong thread. So sorry!

    Hi everyone, im new to GBA temp but often go through the forums looking for answers to my R4 questions. I bought the r4 not knowing that it did not let most of DS games run, so i installed the Yasu software and it worked well for a while. My pokemon games saved perfectly, and they still work to this day.

    The most recent problem i had was running "mario and lugigi bowser's inside story". I've been having a hard time with the DLDI, and eventhough i follow the steps on this thread here it never seems to work. The DS keeps telling me i didnt use the correct patch for the program.

    Is there another solution for getting this game to work on my R4? Should i jump for an AceKard instead? I'm just very tired of having to change my r4's software any time i want to play a new game. (I want to download spirit tracks too, but i dont even know what kind of security nintendo has put on that game).
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    If you look in the R4 section there is a tutorial on installing YSMenu with DSTT 1.17a7. Just follow the guide except replace DSTT 1.17a7 with 1.17a12 and you will be able to play new games. Now it would be helpful next time to let us know some specifics on your card as there are many clones.