R4 Card Problems (Dual Core and Gold Pro)

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by ncc74656m, Aug 11, 2014.

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    So a while back I found a seller for a EZ Flash IV, and they also sold R4 cards for pretty cheap. I picked up two, both "2014" (stripe, not star badged), both with "R4iSDHC.com" on the solder mask on the circuit board. At least according to that site (as opposed to the .hk version), that makes them "genuine." (It seems though that there's no difference based on everything else I've seen.)

    Anyway, I finally have a DS Lite (yeah, I bought the cards before the system, go figure) and I wanted to play around with them and get them working. Well, I played around with the Dual Core first, and formatted the SD card (2GB, the only spare I have right now) with the SD Formatter v4.0 as the instructions said. I dropped the R4i-3.4b software on the card and booted up. The card worked overall, so I played around with it a bit.

    I tried upgrading the firmware on both devices, but it's a no-go on either. The they both say firmware is 1.62, which near as I know is the latest for them anyway, but I found a 1.72 version on the .hk site.

    In addition to these problems, I also periodically get SD card errors, despite formatting it six ways from Sunday.

    Any thoughts or known issues with these?
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    It's all a bit shaddy with these R4 cards. But you should go with the newest firmware from r4isdhc.com. Firmware version != Firmware content (!= means is not equal to).
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