Quick tutorial on how to use dslink / dsilink for dsi homebrew

WATS GUDD you dsi-mode homebrew n00b! i know there are still a bunch of you out there who cares about dsi-mode homebrew like me. Now the main reason why i even bought my dsi in the 1st place was because of youtube tricking me into thinking that dsi homebrew was easy to do (at the time) and was already hacked, like yasu made it seem like he hacked it with ease... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1OT4oSUKtc But all that was available was just simple dsi compatable flashcards. Dont get me wrong there was nothing wrong with, but its equivalent to playing your hacks on a wii but in early staged GameCube-Mode homebrew. no sd support, no usb, extra internal memory, or power ect. I got my dsi pretty fast once it came out, id say a few monthes. I was gunna keep myself from getting a flash card because i only cared about homebrew loading from my dsi menu, or sd card. eventually i realized dsi homebrew was starting off slow so i got an acekard 2i (snemulDS Killer Instinct all day! lol) so when i read http://davejmurphy.com/dsi-mode-homebrew-anyone/ and realized my dsi is type old and should be able to pull this off i got HYPE! i ordered cooking coach, and tried to use this dslink method. It took me a while (5 days to be exact) but i finally got it working. Before we start you should click the above like to Dave Murphy's blog and read that post, then click and download his dslink link, save it to the desktop, open it up and read the readme so you can understand how this hack works in the first place.

Now that you have read and understand pretty much what you have to do, here is how you do it:

YOU WILL NEED a DSi, DSi compatable flashcard (like r4i, dstwo, acekard2i, ect...), one of the hacked dsi enhaced gamesmy healthy cooking coach or classic word games(ill call these dsi enhanced games dsiegfor short), a computer with wireless internet, a way to for your computer to read a micro sd or sdcard, a dsphat/dslite (if you don't own an action replay dsi) and support for dsi devs to continue making dsi-mode homebrew

Step 1: on your desktop create a folder named dslink. extract the dslink.tar.bz2 (you got from the download link) using winrar, or what ever you can use to extract that, and send everything to that folder you created. take out the micro sd from the flash card and open it up on the computer. copy and paste the dsilink.nds to where ever your flashcard reads nds files. now place the micro sd back into your flashcard and place it into your dsi

Step 2: on ur dsi load up your flashcard and play installdsilink.nds. follow the instructions onscreen and let it do its thing. when everything is done and dsilink installed successful press start. if your dsi fails to write the dsilink to ur dsi... sorry but ur assed out. awww trop mauvaise. should have gotten ur dsi sooner
...but if it was successful this means that now that your dsi has its wifi module chip graffitied on, its ready to be bootstrapped from the dsi-mode

Step 3: so now we prepare your retail copy of one of the dsieg with its own TwilightHack-like save exploit. to do that you will need either a dsi action replay or a ds phat/lite. now i dont exactly know how to use an action replay dsi since i dont have one. but Dave says you can copy saves using that so find a way how to copy the appropriate save file to the dsieg u own. if you have a ds just download a program called: NDS backup manager FTPd. you would 1st want to rightclick > edit the .ini file to set up a username and password. now copy the .ini and .nds files to the root of your micro sd. Run the nds file on ur ds (not dsi) then to connect it to the computer to FTP, go to my computer and Just type the info into the address bar like this:
My DS' IP address is, username is "kiro", password is "nds" so I type this:
ftp://kiro:[email protected]:21
Everything but the password (set in the INI file) is displayed on the DS' screen while waiting for the connection. then it will tell you to swap out the flashcard for the you can then drag and drop files like normal into the ds game card as if it was a usb or sumthing. it will look something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAg7ZmQEMm8# before you actually drag and drop the save file make sure you have the right save file that goes with your game...
VCKE.SAV - save game for Cooking Coach, US version.
VCKS.SAV - save game for Cooking Coach, Spanish version.
VCKV.SAV - save game for Cooking Coach, UK/EU version.
VCKF.SAV - save game for Cooking Coach, French version.
VCKI.SAV - save game for Cooking Coach, Italian version.
VCKD.SAV - save game for Cooking Coach, German version.
VCWE.SAV - save game for Classic Word Games, US version.
VCWV.SAV - save game for Classic Word Games, UK/EU version.
once you have the correct save file, and the ds is connected to my computer you can then open up the game's folder and look for its .sav to see what its saved as. mine was "COOKINGCOACH_VCKE.sav"so i renamed my VCKE.SAV to COOKINGCOACH_VCKE.sav then i copied and replaced the old sav with the hacked one. when that is done you may press start to turn off your ds.

Step 4: INTERNET. so now you can go ahead on ur dsi and in internet connections make sure the 1st spot is the wifi shared by your computer and dsi. test the connection to see if its successful.

Step 5: THE HACK. now that you have made it this far you are pretty much almost ready to try and pull off some dsi-mode homebrew
yaaayyy... now you should go ahead and pop in that hacked dsieg then load up the exploit. in cooking coach the hack loads up by itself after the splash screen. if your using classic word games do what team twiizers did here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgl24RpaEu8...i could have just said click "select a profile" but that video gets me horny everytime i watch it... moving on. so after the exploit is loaded it should say:
dslink... connecting...
connected! 192.168.#.###
if it doesnt connect and it says:
dslink... connecting...
failed to connect!
then just hold the power button to turn it off, then try it again. now Dave says this may mean you have the newer security beefed up dsi but i tried and got the "failed to connect" about literally 17 times in a row before it finally showed me my ip address. but if u were successful leave the dsi in its spot where it was connected and go on your computer

Step 6: on your computer, open up the dsilink folder thats on the desktop, open the host folder then the folder ur OS is, and copy the dslink. and paste in My Computer > (C:) (to make things easier) also place a .nds file in that same (C:). now to open up that dslink.exe, click start/ and search for cmd when u find and click it, and the command prompt is ready type: cd c:\ then hit enter. now type what the readme says "dslink [-a ip address] " so in the command prompt i type:
dslink.exe -a streetfighterds.nds
hit enter, then wait... it will try to connect to the dsi thru wifi to send the nds file then on both screens it will say, "copying arm7 __%" and "copying arm9 __%" when everything is done copying, enjoy the nds file in dsimode
hope this helped. if not... go f*** urself
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yea that is correct. currently libnds needs to be updated so that homebrew in dsi-mode can use the touch screen and play audio. but this dslink hack is using the save exploit to bootstrap (using a small program to load up a bigger program) the installed dsilink. and u can send any nds file to ur ds to run in dsi mode, thats just fun to me. but the reason for creating this guide is really to keep developers wanting to create dsi homebrew if a bunch of people have their dsi ready for homebrew. we might get a homebrew channel and look forward to sd loading of homebrew. as i said before, my main reason on getting a dsi was to hack it. i also learned i was not the only one whos like that. so i decided to make a guide cuz learning how to do this was a pain, but just fun to use cuz once its hacked, it takes less than 2mins to play a nds file in dsimode.

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