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    I've been roaming these forums for a while now, but I've never posted anything so I decided to make an account. Now I know I could probably find my questions scattered in different topics but I just wanted to ask my questions in a localized place so I can directly see responses.
    I just got a 3ds and am loving it but want to buy a flashcard. I am on firmware 4.5.0-10U and have been looking at this flashcard. http://www.gamekool.com/r4i-gold-3ds-version-p-402.html
    Would I be able to simply purchase this and pop it in, because I have seen some topics where people say they need to update the card firmware before the system firmware.
    Also after I buy this are the only things I need to do are put the files onto the card, and then put the ROMS in there and it will work?
    Thanks in advance.
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    As Gamerz said, the shop should update the card before sending it out to you. That site appears to do it for you so yeah, it should be ready already like you said, just stick Wood (the software) and the ROMs on the MicroSD.