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    Jul 18, 2005
    I didn`t know which section this came under so i put it here.

    So i was over a friends house today and i had bought over my hdd loaded with games that ripped from actual game DVD`s or moved in from the iso from my PC. my friend looked at the games and he wanted some of the games that i had. but me not having my archived disks i couldn`t give it to him. I had read somewhere that i could extract the iso off the dvd and burn it and but it wouldn`t work, but we both went out a whim and though we would extract one of the games off the hdd and burn it to a dvd to see if the wii could read it. and if it couldn`t we only wasted one DVD. we tried Zack and Wiki burnt onto a dvd-r disk and the game would show up on the disc channel, but the game gave disk read errors when loaded through the channel or gecko OS. we then decided to burn the iso on a dvd+r disk because he said that he had been having problems with dvd-r disks, so we burnt it again and popped into his wii, and it worked. thinking it was a fluke, we tried it for okami and metroid prime 3. all worked perfecly.

    so instead of using the DVD2SD dumper to a dvd disk,

    1. use the USB loader 1.1 to rip the games onto the HDD or or 1.4 to rip to SD(only if it is quick i haven`t tested the DS version).
    2. Use a computer WFBS program to extract the game off the HDD
    3. burn and play.

    games should work. my friends wii was on v4.0 and all the games we played worked straight from the disc channel.
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