Questions when using vWii

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    I have an old Wii downstairs in my basement which was hacked. I am not sure at this point what it was hacked with, since I haven't touched it in so long. Having said that, there are some older Wii Games I would like to play, that I have not played in ages. Games like Punch Out, Megaman 9 and 10, and whatever else I cannot remember at the moment.

    In either case, here are my questions:

    1- I have a HD already full of Wii Games. They worked on the hacked Wii. Should I be able to just unplug that HD and use it as is? Or does vWii require a different format then what worked on hacked Wiis? I know this question doesn't have all the smaller details, but I am hoping some one who hacked a Wii back in the day knows what I am talking about.

    2- With vWii, can I play my Wii Games on the Wii U tablet with the Wii U tablet controllers? Of course this for games that did not require the Wiimotes such as the above mentioned Punch Out, MM9 and 10.

    Thanks in advanced for any help being provided.
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    1. Yes. So wiiu doesnt ask to format disk, search for and check out ustealth.
    2. I think not but dont quote me on it. There might be some homebrew that allows you to, but i never looked into it.