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    Im buying a gateway but the required items I need would be:
    Microsd card
    gateway flash card
    Usb reader
    AmI missing anything else? Or is this all specifically it?
    What is FAT32 nd why do people urge me to buy it for my gateway flashcart?
    Since Im going to get a gateway which is a 3ds flash cart, would I need a ds flashcart to go with it?
    For some reason I feel that the last question might be stupid, but sorry im just confused.
    Would I need to use the emuNAND exploit when I get the gateway?
    what is the difference between micro sd card and sd card?
    With the OMEGA release, I should be able to play multiple roms in a single sd card, and a rom at the highest is 4gb. I am planning to play lots of roms, so with this being said, what size gb sd card should I get(the highest gb size)? What size gb do you guys usually get?
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    You should have posted this in the noob paradise topic

    Make sure you have a 4.1-4.5 firmware 3ds. If you dont have one, don't bother getting a gateway because it won't work on your 3ds.
    FAT32 is irrelevant. Make sure the sd and microsd cards you buy are at least class 6 speed (class 10 is preferred).
    No you do not need a ds cart, it is included with gateway.
    You do not need to use emunand but you lose out on multirom and a few of the newest games
    micro sd is a smaller sd card that fits into the gateway. Sd card goes straight into your 3ds on the left side.
    Most people get 32GB micro sd cards with class 10 speed. You should be able to fit more than enough games on it. If you really want to, you can get the 64GB card. Your sd card should be 2GB or more. If you ever buy games from eshop, they will be saved here.
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