[Question / Request?] NAND replacement?

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    This may be stupid but i'll go for it.
    So, say you have a 3DS. Its firmware 9.2.
    Then say you have another 3DS. Its firmware 9.9.
    Is it possible to extract the nand of the 9.2 3DS and replace the nand in the 9.9 3DS? Then you could format and you would be on that firmware?
    This sounds like a somewhat reasonable way to get onto a CFW-compatable firmware, right?
  2. otto888

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    No. The NAND for one 3DS won't work with another 3DS, as they're signed with per console keys IIRC. You would have a brick if you flashed the NAND from another 3DS.
  3. Shadowtrance

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    The only way you could do it is actually physically desoldering the nand chip on both consoles and swapping them. Have fun with that...
    So no, simply extracting and flashing the nand backup to the other console won't work, it will be a brick afterwards.
  4. darknezz19

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    What about about desoldering the nand on a o3ds and swapping it on a n3ds? Doesn't the CPU have unique keys where it wouldn't work no mater if the devices are the same?
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