Question regarding private headers and chip ids

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    Aug 28, 2015
    Okay so, first post here, please bare with me :P
    About to receive my Sky3DS and I'm currently setting up my sd card in advance so I'll be able to just plug and play. I've been reading through countless threads on gbatemp and similar sites over the past couple of days and up to this point been pretty successful grabbing private headers from one of my cartridges and setting up my template file properly to use it.
    Currently, there's a single question I have that I could only find controversial information on.
    I am planning on playing online using my header, and said header was taken from a cartridge with a C2 manufacturer code in its chip id (I checked all of my cartridges and they're all C2). Now, if I were to take a Rom that had for example 45 as its manufacturer id, can I still use that C2 cartridge header and just manipulate the target rom's chip id in my template file replacing 45 with C2? Or do I need a private header taken from a 45 cartridge for this to work properly?
    Alternatively, could I just use the C2 private header without changing the target rom's chip id at all?

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: Okay so I got my cart and what I did was adjusting the manufacturer byte in my template file. Seems to be working fine so far, I have yet to encounter any issues.
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