Question regarding 3DS/XL (malaysia SEA)

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  1. RaymondZ

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    Feb 7, 2013
    Hi guys, I am from Malaysia which is located in south east asia.
    I am going to buy a 3DS soon. It's gonna be my first nintendo console , because all along I play all the nintendo games using emulator and because of that I can't pretty much enjoy the online service, wifi battle, events , trading and so on. So before I going to buy one I got tons of question to ask for.

    I already did some research but it is still confusing, so better that I ask here hope you guys can help me. [​IMG]

    1. Where is the best place to get a 3ds in Kl/Cheras Area? Or is there any official nintendo shop nearby?

    2.Difference between normal 3DS and 3DS XL, I only know that the XL version is larger, improved D-Pad, and the start ,select button are real. But will it be really too big? Or the original one is too small? (I still prefer the small one)

    3. I heard there is a difference in region for the console and the games as well. So does it mean that if I bought a US version console, and I can't play a UK/Asia region games & vice-versa?

    4. Which region I should choose? I heard the US is recommended because they got good service in the E-Shop or wad shop.(maybe I forgot the name), and its better? Or should I just stick with Asia region ?

    5.Let's say, I bought the asia version and a pokemon X asia region as well. Will I be able to play with the players in other region such as US? LIke adding them as friend and the normal things?

    6.What is the current price for 3DS and 3DS XL as well?

    7. I heard the console comes with a 2gb memory card. Is it enough to use? Since they are some other software to use also?

    8. Battery Question. How long usually it took for you to fully charged the console?

    9. Is it better to charge every time while not playing? Or only charge it when the battery is gonna finish?

    Sorry for asking so many questions at the same time lol ><
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    I stay in Singapore, and I'm gonna reply questions I know.

    2. I own both devices.
    While 3DS' images are clear, after some time I felt I'm trying to "look through a keyhole".

    3. Afaik, there isn't an unique Asia device, besides Japan/China/Taiwan.
    the devices commonly found in Singapore is the US one, so it might be the same for you.

    4. I recommend US or Brazil (for debit cards) eshop

    5. Pokemon can connect to users region free, just that the cart itself needs to match 3ds region.

    9. I was told only when off.
    It heats up for me when I charge while using
  3. RaymondZ

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    Feb 7, 2013
    yo Thanks for your reply. It helps me..
    Then I shall stick with US region just for the eshop thing alone.
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    Oct 30, 2013
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    Hey welcome to the forum :)

    2. 3ds xl is the newer version. I own that one. The price difference is really minimal. The xl has better battery and tbh its not too big if you ask me its just right. If you will ever use a flashcart like dstwo to play ds games and run emulators for the older consoles the bigger screen is great! I'd go for the xl since its newer and better in my opinion.

    3. Remember which region 3ds you get you can only play that regions real cartrige games and use that regions eshop. For example you go online and buy a EU 3ds. You will be able to only play games that are EU and go only to the EU eshop.

    4. US region eshop has better old games but if you ask me I would stick to your own region because then you could buy new games locally. If you get the US region 3ds youll have to buy all of your games on eshop or order them from the US now that plus shipping ask yourself is it worth it.

    5. Yes. I have pokemon EU region and you can be friends with anyone from any region, trade with them and battle them.

    6. Don't know but the difference in price is really small.

    7. The 3ds comes with a 2gb and the xl comes with a 4 gig one. If your going to use eshop better upgrade because I just bought bravely default from the eshop and its 3gb big so i needed to get a new sd. 16gb sd cards are cheap so id suggest getting one right away since there is a big chance that games will be bigger size in the future.

    8. The 3ds xl charges pretty quick and you can use it while charging and it will charge all the way pretty fast.

    9. I play every day and usually charge it no matter how long i play.

    Hope it helps :) good luck!
  5. RaymondZ

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    Feb 7, 2013
    thanks man. But for the region part. Because I am from Malaysia and I heard US version are common around here . Then I'll just stick with the US version..
    Anyway, thanks for the info~