[Question] Preparing a microSD for o3DS Emunand with n3DS?

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    I recently got a better microSD card for my new 3DS, and want to prepare the old microSD for my old 3DS (which hundshamer has had for over 2 months, and might possibly be sending in the future). If I can accomplish this, I will then use emunand tool to restore the backup I have. However, all tools I'm aware of can only prepare emunand for the current console type. Is there a way to format a microSD for an old 3DS emunand using a new 3DS? I would prefer something Gateway compatible, but that's not a requirement, since I only need it to work long enough to perform a system transfer to transfer my NNID to my new 3DS. I have my old 3DS's OTP, so it just needs to be something compatible with Luma 3DS.

    If there's not a way, then I'll just have to format it if/when I get my old 3DS back.