[Question] Open/Convert Wii U Models

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  1. EpicLPer

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    Mar 13, 2015
    Heya there,

    So I've recently figured out how to use Loadiine (wasn't that hard anyways ;P) and now, simply out of curiosity, I've started to go through most of the game files and listen to the sound effects, music and so on.
    But I want more than just that, I want to start viewing and exporting models into Blender (as example) and use them in other projects. I know that this might be a long journey but I mostly do that to learn stuff anyways, not to "make them really useable" tbh.

    Is there currently any way to view and export them into other formats, maybe even with the rig intakt? I've searched a bit but found nothing regarding this special topic, only a whole site full of Wii U models ready to use for Blender but sadly Mario Party 10 stuff is not listed there.

    Thanks for any tips and tricks already!
  2. Don Jon

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    Nov 20, 2015
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    i would like to know too Epic Pervy
    specially with cafiine for 5.5.0 coming around the corner