[Question] Is there a way to switch saves with cia?

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    I used the [Question] tag because I hate browsing threads and not knowing if its' an unanswered question or a full blown guide to my answer :P So that's why I did that.

    I've been playing around with the cia files, but I wanted to know if I could do something like this for example

    I've played Smash Bros on the gateway, so I have the save on my SD card. Is it possible to load that save (even if it is hard) into the cia Smash Bros? I heard about that save filer cia, maybe that can do it? And if so, how?

    Thanks ahead for the advice and tips for me. B-)
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    It is possible CARD2 games (Pokemon/Animal Crossing), or other games only if you had previously edited the rom to make saves use broken encryption. Assuming you were playing on an un-modified rom, you cannot yet load your save from the .sav into the cia version.