[QUESTION] How do I backup GBA VC Saves?!

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    So I want to install sleep patched versions of some of my GBA VC games, I've already tried with a game that didn't have a important save, and it lost it's save when overwritten with the new cia. I do have SaveDataFiler, but it says that the data is broken, and for some reason broken save data can not be copied to the SD card (Which is weird because wouldn't it be useful for devs to see what is broken about their games' save?).

    So does anyone know a way to backup GBA VC Saves?
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    You'll have to do it manually. (I don't know if Save Data Backup tool from Nintendo will work for GBA games or not). Usually saves are found in the data folder inside the unique ID folder of the game installed to sd card. The path to it is something like this:

    SD://Nintendo 3DS/ID0/ID1/title/[TitleID]/[UniqueID]/data/

    ID0/ID1 being the folders with the long string of letters and numbers. (ID0 always matches the seed folder created in the data folder on CTR NAND. It's generated by movable.sed)

    The "TitleID" is the first half of the title Id of the game. The second folder is the last half which also happens to be it's unique ID as well. If it has a save. there will be a data folder and that's where the save is.

    You can probably backup the save. You can also decrypt it by generating xorpads for it and extracting the save (you'll have to dig it out using a hex editor) if you wanted to load the same into an emulator. However currently you can't modify the save. SaveDataFiler doesn't support GBA VC games (all their saves show up as "broken" in SaveDataFiler) and the files are protected by a hash of some kind in the header because modifying them will cause AGB_FIRM to reset the save file.
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    i still dont know what to do can u tell me step by step how to get to gba game save to 3ds is there a video i really need your help please help me
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