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Feb 17, 2016
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So I had a few questions regarding the latest update FW 11.1.0. First of I have installed via tutorial A9HL. I've gone through the tutorial and I believe even if I were to update my system should be safe. The last update we got I went ahead and updated and I believe the only thing that wasn't working afterward as a result is my NTR and Homebrew Launcher on the home menu. But fixing a few files just as quickly fixed that.

My other question is regarding my friend who is hesitant to softmod his Old 3DS. To give him basic Homebrew access, I have provided him with a copy of OOT3D with on the first file an entry point to Homebrew for FW 11.0.0. And now the update (While it hasn't happened to me yet) has come, I am left wondering at this current point in time if OOT3DHax is still a usable exploit on 11.1. If that's the case where would I be able to find a payload for FW 11.1?

Basically at this point in time with my friend is have two copies of OOT3D. The current one he has is for 11.0. And the second copy which I haven't gotten him yet would be injected with a save file for version 11.1 using his homebrew access. If another update were to come up it would be back and forth.

Part of me is wondering since that save file is TECHNICALLY a save and both of us have access to JK's Save Manager, couldn't I just make an injected file on my own copy of OOT3D and send him the save data thus making it so he doesn't need to get a second copy?

Part of me feels If I just wait on this for a few days everything will work itself out. A possible payload for 11.1 for OOT3Dhax will come out and all will be good.

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