Question about trading in DS Lite for DSi

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    My brother wants to trade in his DS lite and use the money he gets toward a DSi, dont ask me why cause eh I dunno why. Also we have an Acekard 2i will that work for the DSi when he gets it?

    I've only been used to using flash karts for the DS Lite and not the DSi, also i am not sure what firmware the DSi will be coming with either cause I am not sure if he is buying a new or used one probably used.

    Thanks for any help anybody can give us.

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    All i can tell you is to make sure the DSi Patch is installed on your AK2i. I know nothing of the AK2i but if its a legit AK card, theres a patch for it to run on DSi somewhere. ^^
    Do it now, if the cart is blocked in the DSi then you wont be able to run the patch later (of course)
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    Your AK2i will work just fine for the DSi if you have upgraded the firmware in the flashcart to be compatible with the firmware in your new DSi.
    Remember that you are unable to upgrade the firmware in your flashcart on a DSi system that blocks your current version of firmware.
    If you trade in your DSL on a DSi that has firmware 1.4 or above and your AK2i is still running on original firmware the flashcart will be blocked and you will be unable to upgrade it on your new system.

    I would recommend keeping the DSL if he can because it will remain useful after your brother acquires his DSi:
    1) To upgrade the firmware in your AK2i if/when Nintendo releases new firmware for the DSi in the futute.
    2) As a guest system for when friends are visiting (Clubhouse games etc.)
    3) As a back-up system in case of disaster (i.e. your new DSi fails, is stolen, you brick it etc.)

    The credit you receive as a trade-in on your DSL towards your new DSi will not be adequate to acquire a new one if you should need to get a DSL later on down the road.