Hacking Question about ps3 mods


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Dec 24, 2014
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I am having a heck of a time trying to find information about how game mods work on ps3. I'v seen alot of people talking about using them, videos showing them, but barely any info on how one goes about using them. Iv been told you can edit the skyrim.ini to allow test files, input the name of the esp, and place mods from the nexus in there, but nowadays pretty much every mod from the nexus uses high quality models and high res textures, or uses skse or other equivalent programs, and also use scripts and ini files that arent mentioned in that post. also, isnt that a big risk? wouldnt using a mod with too high res textures or models overheat the cpu and potentially do permanent damage? how would one find mods that could be used without this potential problem? Im sure any mod using exclusively vanilla assets like, say, forgotten dungeons for skyrim would be fine, but I'd love to know if there was some forum post somewhere here or on another site where people could discuss this stuff. I havent been able to find one if one does exist.
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