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    I haven't been hit by the ban (yet), but I am technically vulnerable since I have B9S installed and I go online in Pokemon Moon from time to time, so I'm just making preparations. If I do the "unban" method that involves copying another 3DS's localfriendcodeseed_b to mine, does that disconnect me from the NNID I currently have on that 3DS? Like, will I be linked to the account that was on the 3DS I transferred from? Or is this file just a check/identifier of sorts for these kinds of bans, and I will keep my current NNID/Account/etc.?
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    Your NNID will not be removed from your system, I have done this myself and I can guarantee that it works. And if you are worried about your pokemon bank, don't worry because it will stay as well. However, the localfriendcodeseed_b a lot of people were using has recently been banned, I'm sure a new one has been released though.
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    there is a new one and there probably always will be one too, you'll just have to replace it every once in a while.

    all your stuff will stay working unless you manage to draw a full ban onto yourself, where i'd suppose they ban you by console id.
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    The only way to have a "full" ban is if you are doing stuff like hacking on Miiverse or playing online on leaked/unreleased games, so if you were worried about getting a full ban for CFW that doesn't happen, it's just the garden-variety where you can still use E-shop and is easy to unban if you have the tools for it.

    Edit: sorry for not quoting OP lol