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    So,this question could be either placed here,either on the Wii section,but I find it tha it's mostly suitable here.

    I'll soon buy a Ps3,but it'll only have 12GB internal memory,and a friend told me that this space is not even enough for updates.I have a USB Drive,but it has Wii Homebrew files and such in it.Can I use it for storing the ps3 saves and updates there? i think the free space in the drive is quite enough,like 50-100gb or so.Will I have any problems in using the drive for both? the drive is on Fat/fat32 format

    Also,is Ps3 super slim worth it? what are its main differences from the ps3 fat?
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    I'm afraid it can only save to the HDD. Luckily for you, however, you can install a new HDD (or even SSD, if you so chose) in the console. You can only use an external drive for media like video, photo, and audio files.

    For your second question, the SuperSlim can't be jailbroken because of firmware stuff and has a reportedly nasty disc drive mechanism, but it's more compact, quiet, and has HDMI CEC (albeit only working on Sony and Samsung TVs)