Question about CFWs and n3DS

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    So i have an interesting situation.

    I have a n3DS on 9.0 with mset already installed.
    I have a Cubic Ninja of a different region from the n3DS.

    If i wanted to load pasta or NTR CFW, would i need a standalone region free exploit or could I run GW patched sysnand to load cubic ninja and then the exploit?
    Or is it not possible at all.
  2. Typhin

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    I'm not 100% sure, because I haven't messed much with CFWs and don't own an n3DS, but I believe there are options for using the MSET exploit you already have installed to run CFWs without needing either Ninjhax or Gateway.

    Failing that, I would see no reason you can't use Gateway Sysnand Mode to run CN off the red card, and use Ninjhax from that, but it's not something I've ever tried. It's possible the signature check patch and other patches would interfere with Ninjhax or the CFW, but it's worth giving it a shot.
  3. dkabot

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    1. Gateway Classic Mode won't run on SysNAND even though the prompt exists as though it should. They added DRM at ~8.X for that. That's before the 9.5 FIRM it'd run as which prevents other exploits and the fact you could just use Gateway functionality as-is if that was possible.
    2. RegionFOUR and NTR are the only options on N3DS, which need CN to work... so that'd be redundant.
    So basically, "no" unless you get a proper region CN or Sky.