Question about Burning Speed for Wii ISOs

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by games2007, Jan 29, 2009.

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    Hey, everyone. I'm sorry for all the questions I've been asking lately, but I just have one last question. I need to know the answer to or recommendation for this.
    I'm going to be using Sony DVD-Rs (16x) to put my ISOs on.
    Here's the full name: Sony DVD-R Spindle - 25-pk. (25DMR47 LS1)
    I'm wondering what burn speed to use. I'll be burning the ISOs with ImgBurn at 4x Speed, but I'm not sure if the speed should be lower. I'm not even sure if the disks can burn at a lower speed, but I read on numerous forums that Sony CDs have a high success rate for wii games, and people have said that Sony DVD-Rs always work at 4x. I'm wondering if I should burn at 2.4x or not. I have plenty of time, so burning time isn't too much of a problem. I don't mind a few hours to burn a disk. I just want this to work. I have all the necessary software on my wii. (Backup Loaders 0.3 Beta and Gamma, because some work better on different loaders.)
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    Itll save you flames and pissing off everyone since this is adressed in the stickied topics
    However there is no best speed for burning. you need to burn at each speed and test the disc quality with a pi po scan under dvdinfopro, the burn with the highest quality is the speed you should use with that media. For me its been 16x everytime for others 4 or 8 or 12. test and find out. minimum quality should be 80% or you will have alot of errors. i chunk any disc that is below 90%
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    even at 1x speed it doesnt take an hour to burn a disk.

    trial and error will get you your best burn speed, my burner is very old. 2x speed works best for me, if i try higher i get errors when i try to verify its data.
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    I burn my Sony-Rs @ 1x and have had bout 5 bad burns out of 60 so im guessing thats pretty good ^^ (I burn at 1x cause i heard it stresses the wii laser less but i have also heard it stresses it more so...)
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    5 bad burns out of 60 is a good rate. For bad media. If your Sony DVD-Rs are good quaility you shouldn't have 1 bad burn. If you burn that much, it's really worth to ckeck the quality at different speeds and then stay at the best one. With dvdinfopro or Nero's CD-DVD speed tool you can do a pi/po scan, whih results in a quality rating. With good media and a good burner you should get something about 90% or higher. A better quality ratinging means less reading errors, and less reading errors should result in better loading times, as the Wii doesn't have to load everything twice or more often.
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    The Wii's laser is not "stressed" by different burn speeds. Unless it is faulty or you kick your Wii across the room, your drive will wear out due to use only. BUT bad quality burns mean the drive has to retry reads more often, increasing the amount of work it has to do, wearing out ever so slightly faster.

    As a couple of people have said, the best speed varies by both burner and the discs themselves. In the majority of circumstances the ideal burn speed will be at or above half the rated speed of the media - that means don't burn 16x discs under 8x unless you've got a good reason for doing it. The only time where it's better to burn at a slower speed than that is if you've got an older burner with firmware that doesn't know a good burn strategy for that particular disc's media code, or that just isn't up to the task of burning at a higher speed. The only way to find out is to waste a couple of discs trying each speed and seeing what quality score DVDInfoPro or Nero CD-DVD Speed/Nero DiscSpeed gives you.
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    Could a mod close all threads about burn speeds in the hacking forum
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    I agree, close this thread. Instead of us getting warnings maybe warn the newbies that obviously haven't search at all to see this endless question asked over and over again. It's such a waste of space