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    Oct 11, 2011
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    I am doing backups before the servers shut down in a couple of days of anything I might need in the future (like IOS files). One question I have, should I keep the raw download or just the decrypted .app files? As I understand they are encrypted with the common and title key? Is there anything these days that can't be decrypted and for that reason one should keep the raw download? I know that used to be the case awhile back where a few titles had problems, but I am guessing that has been fixed?

    Also the decryption process will still work after the servers shut down correct? Or is there a server aspect to the decryption process that I am unaware of?

    Oh and I assume if I ran into something where there was a problem with the decryption, it would give me obvious errors? :)

    Want to make sure I am doing this right and I won't find out a few months down the line it was all for naught lol.
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