[Question] 2DS/3DS USB hardmod pinout to prevent damage.

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    To the hard modders of the community, I have a question to ask if I May.

    Regarding the USB Micro hard mod for the 2DS/3DS, if you connect a powered USB cable to this port you will fry the NAND and you system becomes worthless. This warning is stated a few places around the forum and other sites I visit, but something doesn’t make sense to me and perhaps someone can explain in detail why this is, based on the following train of thought.

    In the image from the link below is a wiring diagram of a micro USB connector. You can clearly see the power and data lines.
    Pin 1: VCC (+5V)
    Pin 2: RX (Receive)
    Pin 3 TX (Transmit)
    Pin 4 NC (Not Connected)
    Pin 5 GND (Ground)

    Looking at this link (https://gbatemp.net/threads/tutoria...ng-2ds-3ds-3ds-xl-n3ds-n3ds-xl.414498/#o3dsxl) (SD Images Section), if you did the USB mod following the guide and connected a powered USB cable you would send +5V down into the DAT0 line effectively perma bricking the system.

    This is where my train of thought pulls out of the station. A USB hardmod uses 4 Pins DAT0, CMD, CLK & GND, a micro USB connector has 5 pins. Power I assume is given to the NAND by a power rail in the system as to read or write to NAND the system must be on. Given this information, if a hardmod is done but the wiring pin-out was changed could it be possible to add some sort of protection?

    If you where to use pins 2 through 5 and leave pin 1 disconnected the +5V wouldn’t have anyway to connect to the NAND and fry it.

    An example of this is Pin 1: NC, Pin 2: DAT0, Pin 3: CMD, Pin 4: CLK & Pin 5: GND.

    By wiring it like this any power connected to the system Pin 1 wouldn’t connect and couldn’t go anywhere. The other power wire (Pin 5) from my understanding is neutral or should I say 0V and is connected to the systems ground anyways. Leaving Pin 2 DAT0 and RX connected, Pin 3 CMD and TX connected. I can’t find any info about the USB data lines containing power but if they don’t contain power wouldn't this pinout would effectively prevent a person from frying their system accidently?

    Dose this make any sense or should I return the train to the station?

    I look forward to your reply’s.
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    yes, u can add protection (resistors for example) but don't know if it will then work with frankeSD and yes, if you connect it without 5v line, it should prevent it from frying. But best thing is to use different connector (fan connector for example), or unsolder it after you are done
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