Hacking Quadforce shutting down the Wii


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Mar 14, 2009
Upstate NY
United States
I've been trying to find an answer, instead of posting in random threads, I'll try a brand new one. I've done many tests but have not found a solution.
  • It works on real nand - I've installed Quadforce 4.0 and played games from SD and then installed Quadforce 4.1 and played games from USB. No issues.
  • The emuNAND works fine with channels and saves - Never had any issues, besides some saves/loads from emuNAND taking like 3-4 minutes, I chalk that up to cIOS issues.
  • The same files work on 2 other Wii systems - Same files copied on all 3 machines, although different HDDs and SD cards.
If I install the proper .app files to the emuNAND, then load the games with Wiiflow using the boot with Neek2o option from the Channels page in Wiiflow, it loads like normal but as soon as it reaches loading Quadforce, bam Wii shuts off to red light.

Dios Mios works great from my HDD, its always been formatted properly and completely compatible. I've been able to boot into Neek2o but only randomly, and since it takes about 15 minutes for Neek2o to load I don't try very often.

In the latest rev of Neek2o, its freezing with my HDD light lit and the slot light lit. The betas never really work right so I don't think this matters much.

I know others are getting this issue, have you resolved it? Any help/info is appreciated.
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