QCMA "could not connect to pc" error

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    Feb 6, 2016
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    I just bought a PS Vita that I cannot seem to update to 3.60. I am currently running 3.36. Everytime I try to connect I get an error stating "could not connect to PC".

    I have tried uninstalling QCMA, rebooting the Vita, restarting my PC, reinstalling QCMA (I have tried all three drivers) and I still always get the same message. There is also a strange issue in which I cannot uninstall PS Vita Type B driver manually from Device Manager and I cannot shut down or restart PC after opening QCMA. I also cannot end the QCMA.exe process using Task Manager, I have to hard reset my PC.

    I have also tried the following:

    -Used CCleaner after uninstall of QCMA
    -Used Revo Uninstaller to clear QCMA and all traces
    -Tried different USB ports
    -Tried fixing drivers using Zadig
    -Running QCMA as administrator

    I have another PS Vita I had updated previously and I do not recall running into any issues. Does anyone have any advise to get this updated installed or an alternative to QCMA? Any help is appreciated.
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    I don't know if its needed but I always enable airplane mode on the vita first. That's all I can think of
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    Jan 30, 2014
    I had problems connecting with my win 10 laptop. It connects fine on the Win7 Pc.
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    Aug 21, 2012
    Try this method as it worked for me.
    (Credits to zacksterjp from reddit)

    1. Uninstall QCMA completely. If QCMA refuses to close, turn off PC. If PC refuses to shut down, pull the damn plug. Make sure QCMA is not set to autoboot on startup.

    2. Reboot PS Vita (re-apply Henkaku if needed). Then go into Airplane mode.

    3. Connect Vita to PC and click on Content Manager. Then tap on PC connection. You should get an error.

    4. Download and install latest version of QCMA (should be 0.3x) and select lilusb0 driver when you are presented with the option.

    5. Check your default folders, refresh database, etc. Then connect Vita to PC.

    6. Tap on Content Manager -> copy content. This time, you should hopefully not get an error, and be able to copy stuff to and fro.
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