(Q): Some questions on upgrading OG switch -> Switch Lite?

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    hi all,
    I was wondering since I've seen the switch lite (been watching many video reviews on it and gameplay,
    it looks pretty much the same as the OG switch, just smaller. and better battery life.

    I don't mind sacrificing the go features of the switch, since I don't use them at all:

    -tabletop mode
    -dock/tv mode
    -rumble (I hate this, never use it)
    -IR camera.
    -3 hour battery life.

    since I mainly use my OG switch that I got in 2017 as a switch lite (handheld mode only),

    the lite is a no brainner for me, well many videos I've seen say:

    "if you own a switch, don't buy the lite" ,

    but also I've heard that:

    "if you love handheld gaming like 3ds/vita and don't mind the lacking features, then the lite is for you".

    I love the dpad, the go switch didn't have one, I had to buy a hori pad to have a dpad.

    the -1.1 inch screen shouldn't be a problem or the size,

    all the games I have should look exactly the same on the OG switch:

    Zelda breath & awakening
    Mario oddness
    Fire emblem warriors & 3H
    Hyrule Warriors
    Megaman 11 (us ver cart)
    Kirby star allies
    Yoshi craft world
    DQ XI:S
    Bloodstained ritual of night

    I have some questions on how to move all my exiting stuff from my OG switch to my new switch when I get it:

    1) to transfer user data and save data (this transfers all user data with the account that is Nintendo account linked along with all the save data to the new switch?),
    does this make my new switch primary?

    2) do I need to de-register my old switch first before I "transfer user data and save data" over to the new switch? or with the transfer, my new switch will become primary automatically?

    3) since I don't have nintendo online or cloud saves, my saves will transfer over using the "transfer user data and saves" method?

    4) for my sd card, if I back it up and then format it on my new switch (how can I keep all my photos and videos on it)?
    not sure if you can reformat the sd card on a new switch without losing photos and videos?

    5) since my sd card is SDXC, do I need to do something extra? as the update it downloads so the SDXC card works on switch, doesn't 100% work, I had to format the sd card using my Mac to FAT32 in order for it to properly work?

    6) once I move over all my existing stuff to my new switch, my old one will have nothing one it, account, saves etc, so I can safely sell it for some cash, also the new person will be able to use his account on it and buy games etc? a reformatting will clean everything form it after the transfer?

    7) since I only use the shop for DLC, once I transfer my user data and saves over, I just need to redownolad all the dlc content from the shop via the redownload option?

    8) how much would a used switch in very good condition with screen protector and case with accrues it came with and box go for? (I'm thinking half price of currently in shops 340e (150e + 20e),

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    AFAIK the 'transfer user data and saves' is the online backup method.
    So far no other way exists to backup/transfer your data (like with the SD card).

    Don't remove your Switch from the online before you back up your data to Nintendo's cloud.
    Transfer it to your new Switch first and then remove it.

    To be sure no data remains, just do a factory reset (Initialize Console).
    That will also wipe your user and account data.
    Here's an article on how to do that :
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