1. 2DSGamerdude

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    Apr 6, 2015
    Hi all,
    recently (last month)
    i bought a redmi note 8 pro to emulate on the go :)

    all work great with the free emus on andriod :)

    i even bought a nice frontend for keeping all my systems in one place
    Reset colletion (i had to buy it), but for 6 euroes it was totally wroh it.
    and i have a IPega 9087s gamepad that i found for 28$ (i had to wait 1 month for it, but's it works great with my note 8 pro :)

    i have some questions tho that i need some help with:

    1) now that i have my nice frontend, i was wondering if i could somehow launch it on bootup of my andriod phone,
    the autostart option doesn't work for me, im on MIUI, even if it is enabled for reset collection, when i turn on my phone and unlcok it, the app doesnt autostart,

    any way to get this to work? autoboot into reset colletion on bootup?

    2) for dolphin emu, im using two diffrent versions (MMJ & Dev version), how can i use the GCN-GBA link function for some GC games to get the unlocks/bonuses?

    i.e. Harry potter chamber of secrets GC, mretiod prime, pokemon, etc

    not sure if this is possble on andriod?

    3) how can i remove MI browser/calcinder apps from my phone? i tried to remove them via Ximaoi ADB/Fastboot tools but the apps still show up on my home screen?

    also which apps are are to remove from the system ones?

    im only using the phone for gaming only,and most of the apps preinstalled are rather useless bloatware for me.

    i have removed:

    browser (remvoed, but still there?)
    calendar (remvoed, but still there?)
    fm radio
    google app
    google duo (not sure if this is there?)
    google lens
    market feedback agent
    mi credit
    mi drop
    mi pay
    mi video
    msa (Disabled, not removed)
    Partner bookmarks
    partner netflix
    translation service
    yellow pages

    What i have not removed yet:

    Android accessibility suite
    digital wellbeing
    mi wallpaper
    miui daemon
    quick apps
    quick ball

    are these safe to remove from my phone? via ADB/Fastboot tools.

    4) um, what game launcher is the best to use instead of the deflaut system MIUI launcher?
    ETA prime had one, but i cna't seem to find that specific one, not sure if that game launcher is for xiamoi phones?

    5) what is RAM Jet app? and how can you free up more ram? as my phone says it has 6gb ram (5.xx ram avlable total, but avlable only 3-2 gb ram) via CPUZ app.

    6) is there an app that i can use to cooldown my phone if it get hot?
    also, does the cpu heat affect the battery heat? i mean, once my cpu went to 62 C and got to 64 C then cooled down, can the cpu heat up too much and brun the phone?

    i was running dolphin emu with some games for 3 hours, but once ii stopped playing the phone cooled down.

    im getting this heat ratings form Antutu benchmark, not sure if geekbench can do the same?

    7) how do i get multidisk games to show up in reset colletion?
    i.e. shining force III disk 2/disk 3?
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  2. The Real Jdbye

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    Mar 17, 2010
    1) I believe there are apps in the play store you can use to set an app to autorun on start or on certain triggers. Have a look around.
    2) I'm not sure, I don't think it's possible though, there are no settings related to it. Even on PC GBA-GC linkage doesn't work great because the way the emulators are synced, it has a tendency to have slowdowns, or connectivity issues. It also requires a separate GBA emulator (VBA-M in this case) so for Dolphin to do GBA-GC linkage on Android there would need to be a GBA emulator that also supports it, which I don't think there is. And there might be performance issues, even if it worked.
    4) Launchers are not device specific, just use whatever you like the most :) I think the one ETA Prime suggested was probably the Android TV launcher (see ATV Launcher in Play Store)
    It has an interface kinda similar to Steam Big Picture so it works well with controllers, it's not really made for touch though, but I suppose it would work fine.
    5) Don't mess with RAM, it will be freed up automatically when needed, you should never be killing apps in order to clear up RAM, unused RAM is wasted RAM as it's used to speed up the OS and apps.
    6) You could always underclock, or change the CPU governor to a more conservative one.
    Android devices are designed to work at those temperatures so there should be no problem. If it gets too hot, it'll just underclock automatically (that usually happens in artificial benchmarks, but games don't strain the CPU/GPU as much)
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  3. 2DSGamerdude

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    Apr 6, 2015
    hay there, The Real Jdbye
    thanx for the info to my questions,

    um i looked around for a autorun/autoboot app that can run any app on laucnh, but nothing that i have downoaded and tried on my phone works
    not even the autostart option that is bulit in MIUI.

    i dunno what app to use that will work for autobooting into my chosen app?

    most of the apps i've tried say that they should work, but nothing for me (andriod 10).

    as for the launcher, i have checked out that ATV laucnher, it was nice, but not for me, i tried nova laucnher tho, it's okay,
    i also found the NS launcher v1.5 that someone made and posted here in the temp, it should work and look nice, i'll give that i try and see.
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