1. dragonz

    OP dragonz GBAtemp Regular

    Jan 14, 2015
    United States
    Hey anyone remember this 4 coop game? Is called Vendetta

    Well I got 4 buds that want to play it - BUT when we try to play the 4 player version of this game it switches to 2 player when I run
    it on the MAME 2000 core. Now as everyone knows , MAME 2003 or MAME 2003 plus are gargbage cores and they do run the game 4 player but they run the game like trash, not like MAME core 2000.

    Why is this rom, programmed to switch from 4 player to 2 player ( I have all versions of the rom and I cant seem to get MAME 2000 to recognize it as a 4 player rom)

    Any help or hints I would really appreciate.
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