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  1. solacz

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    Feb 12, 2016
    I bought a used psVita, working totally fine from a reliable source from whom I sadly lost contact. It worked perfectly fine with no problems whatsoever for 8-9 months until I gave it to a family member who sadly didn't take very good care of it (frequent falls, very close proximity to water,...-anything you shouldn't normally do. He happily stopped his destruction after several months of use when he lost it. We found it a couple of months after in a neglecting relative's car (I have no idea just how badly it was stored in there since the psVita must have withstood several car washes and all) Anyway, we started using it after. It worked fine for a few days, and while I was playing with Washington DC on FIFA football, the battery ran out and poof-the psVita became impossible to charge after several complete charges.
    We haven't tried many things yet, we haven't even plugged it into a PC yet, but my little brother (yes, it's my little bro who took it) is getting pretty freaked out and I would love to know if you guys possibly knew a couple little tweaks or thingy-magiggys to possibly get it to charge against.

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    Have a good look at the charging port - is there dirt/dust/lint inside? Clean it and the cable with 90+ % alcohol, then try charging. Try another 5 volt USB charger too.
  3. V0ltr0n

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    Vitas, at least the originals, some ppl had charging issues with. If it has taken abuse, it could be anything. Try cleaning the port. Take it to a local game store and see if they're kind enough to let u try another charger. Permanent fix: learn to be stingy with your expensive electronics. Sadly, theres too many ppl out there that treat them like indestructible toys. Also, make your brother pay for it. That is one expensive lesson in respect of others' property.
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    iirc completely disasembling the vita (every part and cable unplugged), might fix it, and replacing the battery should do it if disasembling/reassembling doesnt work
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  5. Darkyose

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    Jan 26, 2016
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    Or maybe a battery replacement...
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