PSP WHY is my CAST so weak?

Discussion in 'PSP - Games & Content' started by vergilite, Jul 22, 2009.

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    here be the deal lads i have PSP (phantasy star portable) and i am a CAST (robot), i am lv70 and yet i only take off 400-490 damage max with my most powerful rifle (it has 1100 attack), my friends whom i play with are two beast characters and each take off about 3000 a hit IMO why am i so weak i know that beasts are naturally stronger than CASTs and they are about 10 levels above me but REALLY that is a major difference in damage dealt and every time we go on a mission i feel like the weak one [​IMG], i don't see myself being that powerful when i reach there lv ( oh and im a gun master lv10 BTW)
    Any suggestions maybe something i might have missed or not equipped or are CASTS just that weak ??
  2. DarkWay

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    I wish I could help you there but I have no idea XD I haven't played phatasy star in a while (now that you mention I fancy playing it now) and I haven't played in online with anyone else yet. (tbh I don't know how, its abit different from the DS which I find also has a longer range than the PSP but I have a 1000 so that might be why).

    its kinda of strange but all I can think of is the dps of the weapons, beast have the option to morph and do huge damage thats there special and I believe casts have the huge guns that do the huge damage as they're special, but in terms of weapons melee weapons will do more dmg because the attack rate is generally longer than that of the guns (this is just a theory, I don't have much in the terms of proof as I haven't played the game for months).

    hope this can shed some form of light on your problem
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    casts are a ranged class. ranged classes are generally weaker in games, cause they shoot a long way...

    use your special if you want to do alot of damage
  4. Excellentnuke

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    In most RPG games, ranged characters such as your CAST have an advantage over melee characters: They don't get hit.

    To even out the classes, ranged weapons do less damage than melee weapons.

    Plus, IIRC, ranged weapons have lower attack than melee weapons. And, IIRC, melee classes gain more attack on level up than ranged classes in PS:P
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    you got multi elemental bullets and also you got a freaking huge guns, and also beast are not supposed to range(they got low acc) while cast can melee (my cast melee and did 2500-3000 damage per hit) and range