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    Oct 24, 2002

    The PSP Go!, variation of the PSP console released late 2009, was Sony's attempt to create the very first console to utilize 100% dematerialized content. Games would no longer be played off UMDs (Sony's proprietary mini-dvd format) but exclusively downloaded off the Internet.
    The core gamer community could not ignore the major flaws of this new iteration:

    • Games you already purchased on other PSP consoles (regular UMDs) cannot be transfered to the PSP Go
    • With downloadable content only, second-hand trading is impossible
    • The console doesn't use regular Memory Sticks (Sony's proprietary memory card format), it uses "Memory Stick Micro" instead (another proprietary format). You have to purchase new memory cards for it.
    • The console doesn't use regular USB connectors, it uses a new proprietary USB connector. You have to purchase new accessories for it.
    • WiFi support is limited to 802.11b (11 mbps, short range) while most devices now support 802.11b/g/n
    • Price was originally higher than the regular PSP

    Altogether the PSP Go did not seem all that attractive to the general consumer and this was clearly visible in the sales charts even in Japan where Sony usually leads the market. To pally low sales Sony quickly decreased the price of the console, offered some games (up to 10 free major games). Available for $199 in the US and 150€ in Europe the console might still appeal to players seeking an easily hacked handheld to enjoy emulation, media playback and a large selection of homebrew.

    Yesterday, Sony officially confirmed that it had no further plans to develop the PSP Go! and production was ceased. Rest in peace, PSP Go!

    [​IMG] Source at IGN
    [​IMG] On-going discussion (thanks SamAsh07 for the tip)
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