PSP emulator found in Parappa the Rapper Remastered, allows for potential PSP injects on PS4

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    Thanks to the efforts of GBAtemp user @KiiWii there has been quite the amusing discovery made about the PlayStation 4. In the PSP Injection thread, it was found that the Parappa the Rapper Remaster is just a simple PSP game being emulated on the PS4 with higher quality texture packs loaded in. Things got even more interesting when injections of other PSP games were made, resulting in the PS4 booting the PSP games Loco Roco and Patapon. KiiWii and other assorted users began testing different games by replacing Parappa, and putting another PSP game's iso in the folder instead. Some games work, but most don't, and there's a potential 800MB size limit that prevents certain games from running.

    This is definitely something to keep a look out for on its progress, and if you want to check out the thread, you can see it here.
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