PSP .DAT Text File Translation

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    Mar 13, 2016
    Hello, most PSP games have the extension DAT file on them, mainly text files for dialogues and fonts. I'm looking for help on how to edit this .dat file without crashing the game on startup. I did that and the game lost huge amounts of data on the repacking using a 3rd party program. and also UMDGen but no result. I've heard the editing has to fit between the NUL variants in order for it work, I did that too, but there is a problem.

    It looks like the dat file is somehow protected and notepad++ would not save whatsoever no matter what, so Is there a way to bypass this protection, dat files are very common within PSP text files so there must be some kind of script or program. Thanks in advance. I have a sample dat file if needed, It belongs to MGS portable ops plus.