PSP broken. Any fix?

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  1. adriande2

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    Ok, so a few months ago I dropped my PSP for the first time ever. A few days later, I noticed that when I played a game, it would freeze. I thought it was the iso at first, so I tried a different one. Same results. It also happens in the menu, homebrew, and normal UMD. After a while I noticed I had about 5 mins(at best) until it froze. So, later, I took it to a game store nearby to try to get it fixed, they couldn't even find the problem. I took it apart and put it back together right after without finding a noticeable problem but found my max time until it froze was up to about 10 mins.

    Here's all the information:
    -Freezes no matter what I'm using on my PSP.
    -It took a fall of about 3 feet.
    -It works perfectly fine for about 10 mins max(times vary) until it freezes.
    -Sometimes when I try to turn it on the power light will just go on then off(mostly right after it freezes).
    -Original PSP 1000 series.
    -Custom firmware(Prometheus 5.50) was installed but not touched at all near the time it stopped working
    -I have tried reverting flash0 to an earlier state, reformatting flash1, removing the UMD, removing the memory stick, and removing the battery. None of these worked.

    So is this fixable or not? Will I have to buy a new motherboard or just replace/tweak a little part?
    Even just a little information would be appreciated.
  2. Nujui

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    You sure that it's not your Memory Stick?
  3. Rydian

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    Hm. This sounds like some form of overheating to me, but I'd wait for other opinions.
  4. Nathan Drake

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    Jan 2, 2011
    He tried it with and without the memory stick. Same result.

    I would guess overheating myself. You might have cracked something on the motherboard too that is a lot harder to spot. It's hard to be sure since it isn't a software problem.
  5. dib

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    Sounds like a good excuse to upgrade.

    Frankly, it seems you've tried most conceivable options. Yet the most glaring part of this is the extent you're going to salvage a PSP 1000 which has been obsolete for years. Brand new PSP 3000s are MSRP $130 at the very moment you're reading all of this. For all the time and effort you're spending, and the cost of replacing the motherboard, you would still have the same old screen, no warranty, and no idea what else might be damaged or on its way out in the near future.
  6. Rydian

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    Feb 4, 2010
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    A brand-new PSP is likely to be a 09g, thus no permanent firmware.
  7. themuddaload

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    might it be the battery?
  8. xist


    Jul 14, 2008
    Why is it obsolete? I'd beg to differ of course...sure the d-pad is a tad annoying at times but that's really the only issue, and in no way renders it obsolete. Running from the MS the RAM differences are all but irrelevant the majority of the time and the screen pics we had previously illustrate how little it really matters.
  9. mechagouki

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    Sounds like a dry joint on the m-board - a crack in a solder joint that expands as the PSP warms up and causes the crash. Try turning on the PSP and putting it in the freezer compartment in a ziploc bag - see how long it runs before crashing. If you want to save the console a used motherboard is your cheapest option - you say you've dissasemled it once anyway right - or get your local "we fix everything" shop to do it. Or buy a used unit, I see them for as little as $60 with no accessories.
  10. Jamio88

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    Jan 26, 2011
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    I concur. This sounds like an issue with your motherboard. Short of replacing the whole thing (would look on eBay for a cheap one), your only other option would be to replace the PSP itself.

    On a side note though, If you can not salvage it and would be interested in selling/donating for CFW sake let me know. I am working on a few custom things and need a guine pig (I have already programmed things for Wii, DS, PSP3k1, and HTC WM, but this will be a first for a whole CFW).

    Best of luck to you on an easy fix
  11. Dangy

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    Hurry, trade it into Gamestop! They will only turn it on to test it for a few seconds. :3