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Feb 12, 2008
For the time being I will be playing all PS4 Exlusives on

Currently im doing Horizon Dawn @30% ish
Finished Until Dawn Yesterday. - Not sure if I do an additional playthough

I haven't got a mic unfortunately or a webcam. Perhaps I can in the future.
Woud love to get some viewers. I am without a job so I can spend alot of time for my viewers and perhaps make this a job for the time being.

Streaming times are mostly between 11 AM - 23 PM (Amsterdam time) GMT+1

Also have an insane steam library.

A 90%+ 3ds and PS vita Library. Literally almost every game!!
Many of the best console unique games ps2/ps3/wii/wiiu/gamecube on approperiate emulators.
Can stream 3ds via UWPS streamer, PC games via Steam, Unfortunately no way yet to stream PS vita games.

My aim is to play every single Console unique game that is +-75% metacritic of the last 8 years or so, or indies that score 75% or higher.
Now I will never be able to complete this but I will try my best to play what I can, what people like ofcourse too.
You can also make requests to what game I will be moving next.

Currently saving for a Dolby Atmos setup + a proper desktop config that can put out 4k.
And any future upcoming PS4 exlusive games.

Current hardware stream environment:
TV: LG55C7
Receiver: Marantz 6011
Speakers: 5.1 Surroundset Ultima MK 40 (4 floorstanding speakers instead of the 2 normally speakers they include in an 5.1 surroundset)
Laptop: Custom made PCSpecialist: P771DM-G 16 GB DDR4 Ram, i5 6600, Geforce 980M 8 GB, Windows 10 X64 1709 Build
External HDD: 14 and almost all of them full.
Chair: AK Racing Chair

Little bit about me:
I am a hilarious silly gamer that always looks in the strangest places for chests.. always trying out the game's mechanics and finding/creating in bugs..Trying out ways how you can die.
Im not the fastest pro player. But more a struggling casual player.
I can't aim with an xbox/ps4 controller AT ALL. With pc it is a little better, but not much. Therefore my preference goes to RPG/Strategy, Action kind of games, rather then Shooters, and Race.
Also terrible in platforming I can't jump for sake! lol
I suffer from RSI (repetitive strain injury aka mouse arm) which I get sooner when playing pc games rather then console. So there maybe times when I will take a break from streaming.

So if you enjoy to watch a struggling gamer then by all means watch me.
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