PS4 Console , which model to buy ?

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  1. s8n

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    Nov 29, 2011
    hi members , i am looking to get my first PS4 Console. The model CUH-1200A interests me as it has less power consumption and less heat than previous models , also it has a HDMI port that is better quality than earlier PS4's (redesigned and less prone to bent pins/pushed back pins). I was going to get a Slim but looking at Youtube videos it runs quite hot , the Pro doesn't interest me.

    i was wondering if i should go for the CUH-1200A and does it have any huge drawbacks/problems that i'm unaware of ?
  2. pohaxsf

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    Jan 7, 2019
    1st why do you care about this? It wont use a ton more energy.. I think that u should go with slim if you want something because ps4 really starts to age and models will start having issues so its nice to have a warranty... welp.. its 6 years.. Why dont you just pick a fusee gelee switch and hack it and join us at the other forum? Do you have any game you might want to play on sony?