PS3 Wont Work for some reason

Discussion in 'PS3 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by VLinh, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Hi guys! (Puts on Xbox 360 Flame Shield)

    I dont know if this scenario has occured but, when I turn on my PS3, the green light shows up with the blue light and then immediately blinks the red light. Like as soon as i turn it on, it flashes blue and green by both indicators, and then after 3 seconds, it flashes red.

    I dont know if this means YLOD, and ive tried turning off the power switch on the back and it still dosent do anything. The cables we had before which was hdmi, was our standard connection.

    Any Solutions or why it is doing that?


    Update: Someone gave my PS3 farewells on the playstation forums, but i really need to confirm if it is actually dead.
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    You sure the green light doesn't briefly go yellow before flashing red?
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    I don't know all the possible PS3 problems (only RSOD and YLOD).

    Which firmware were you on ?
    If it was up to 3.50, you could always try to run Service mode to reinstall current firmware/downgrade. (That will format and delete everything though)
    You need either a Jailbreak dongle, or a PSfreedom/PSgroove compatible device.

    I think RSOD can be unbricked using this method. I don't know about other bricks.

    PS : I just got a virus while searching Rsod info on google. be careful if you do the same.
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    oh lol i have avg internet security 2011 full. Im secured.