Hardware PS3 Slim Says Hot but doesn't feel it


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Jul 31, 2013
United States
I haven't touched it in almost a year I think. It's running Ferrox + Cobra. Bought Oblivion at a con recently and wanted to pop it in, but even just running through character creator it shuts down.

I would normally just chalk it up to the fact that I closed the entertainment center door to keep my 1-year-old from the buttons, maybe it's not enough air flow. But after it shut itself down from the "heat", I took a second to feel the system and the back barely felt warm at all. I take hotter showers than that.

Unfortunately I don't know where to find the exact readings on temp, but I did completely redo the thermal paste last year. It was able to run PS2 games just fine in my old entertainment center that had no doors.

Edit: I found the temp info in multiman. CPU was reading at 79 C, RSX at 49 C. I have a feeling that CPU reading is way to high, but again afterwards it does not feel hot in the back at all.

Any advice on what to do to operate this thing without a shutdown?

Next edit: Taking it apart to repaste and clean, I noticed that the CPU is significantly shorter than the RSX, and since that's the one that is so hot I was wondering if maybe it needs more paste to keep the physical connection to the heatsink?

I will also be trying the eraser mod, but gotta go out to walmart for the eraser
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