Ps3 False (Maybe?) temparature warnings

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    Nov 21, 2018
    Yeah I have a jailbroken ps3,i hope its safe to say this here.So a while ago I had a ps3 wich i mistakenly updated to 4.83 so it was useless for a jailbreak but a couple of weeks ago i managed to swap it with my friend ps3 and i managed to jailbreak it and everything worked succesfully.But,the games where running incredibly laggy and slow and my ps3 kept warning me about SYSTEM OVERHEATING 89C etc.And I was like "89?If my ps3 was 89 i dont think ot would still be alive.I really didnt want to tear it apart so i tried reaching my hand to its holes where the air came out from,and the air was CRAZY cold!But, i eventually tore it apart,changed its thermal paste,cleaned it real' good changed the thermal pads and cloesed it.(I forgot to mention that the fan was of course coming out like a jet,and that I have a fat model CECHGxxxx)Ok so I closed it,and wished for the best.And I still have the same problem.I did a bit of research and I found out that the thermometer or whatever its called might be broken and always show false indications.So..yeah.What can I do for that?Is it just a simple capacitor that needs change or anything else?I know that im annoying with my huge stories but you know sometimes i get a bit artistic ;)
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    Jul 1, 2018
    How show temperature rsx/cell? If cell or rsx 89C and other chip 40-50C + console very loud = ihs remove and repaste needed