PS3 Controller Died

Discussion in 'PS3 - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by EnigmaXtreme, Jun 20, 2013.

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    A few days ago I went to turn on my PS3, push the home button on my controller and nothing happened. Its then I noticed the lights on the controller weren't turning on so naturally I plug it into the usb to charge and still nothing.

    I've tried pressing the controller reset switch

    I've removed and put the battery back in

    Should I just buy a new controller then or should I just get a battery?
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    In some rare cases the battery may go down so much that is is unable to power the electronics that detect an incoming power charge. A few extra things will be needed which you most likely don't already have such as a multilmeter to test if the battery has any remaining charge left and a spare usb cable with a stripper to connect the leads directly to the battery.

    I know it has been 10 days and it surprises me no one else bothered to reply until now despite being at the top. More than likely you already bought a new controller by now.