[PS2toPS4] Widescreen & Progressive Patches

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  1. xYuunax

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    Feb 6, 2018
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    Recently I found an interesting video showing how to apply widescreen/480p patches to PS2 iso's and running them on the PS4.
    Here is a video showing how it's done, but it's in German. (I think)

    Silent Hill 2 Widescreen Patched on PS4 (by frankyfife)


    Here's are some screenshots of Persona 3 FES running on PS4.
    And for P3 Fans, there are some additional cheats/mods to enhance the experience (especially the full party control cheat) : https://amicitia.github.io/mods/p3

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    there were no replies to this thread?? Its such a great topic tho...

    I tried it with timesplitters 2, applied widescreen, made pkg, installed and could only get a full 16:9 screen playstation2 logo then blackness. any tips?
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  3. Mo Poge

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    How is this different than enabling widescreen on your TV?
  4. xYuunax

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    Feb 6, 2018
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    This GIF compares real widescreen vs fake widescreen (TV stretched)

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    Nice, how did I miss this thread! This is ace!

    @xYuunax is it ok to add this to the AIO guide?
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    Go ahead :yay:
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  7. moonblood666

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    Feb 24, 2014
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    About Persona 3 FES and Progressive Scan + Widescreen: In the widescreen Patch Archives I find two pnach files. Should I patch it with both or just the most recent one? Also: Opening the pnach file with PS2 Patch Engine shows me next to other parameters these lines that supposedly affect the Progressive Scan:

    //480p by asmodean


    Question: Is this enough to also apply Progressive Scan or do I have to also Hex edit the ISO manually as described in the first post?
  8. xYuunax

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    Feb 6, 2018
    Hong Kong
    combine both pnatch, HEX edit is a generic code for games that don't have any. (480p)
  9. madkid

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    Aug 5, 2018
    Published on Feb 16, 2018, without patches

  10. moonblood666

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    Feb 24, 2014
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    I'm trying to widescreen patch Tales of the Abyss but I get an error message from patch engine: "Patch list contains unsupported cheat types". I assume that "cheat type" is similar to a data type. In that regard it would be just EE, word and extended used in the patch. So everything should be supported or did I miss something? Perhaps a syntax error? But I just used the pnach file from the archive.

    Edit: It seems deleting everything with the type "extended" makes patch engine work (that makes the widescreen patch incomplete obviously), but according to the patch engine tutorial "extended" is supported

    Using patches
    • Drag and drop, copy and paste or click 'Browse' to add patches
    • Patches can be in either RAW (unencrypted) or PNACH (PCSX2 cheat file) cheat code format
    • Not all cheat code types are supported!
      For RAW: Code types 0, 1, 2 are supported
      For PNACH: 'word, 'short', 'byte' as well as 'extended' types 0, 1, 2 are supported
    Edit 2: Found the error. Apparently patch engine does not suport hex addresses starting with the hex value "E". There are 2 lines which contain such addresses. Removing those two lines makes the app accept the patch.

    Edit 3: The game seems to crash due to an access violation. Weird.

    Here the entire pnach code:

    gametitle=Tales Of The Abyss (NTSC-U) (SLUS-21386)
    comment=Tales Of The Abyss (NTSC-U) (SLUS-21386) 16:9 Widescreen Hack
    patch=1,EE,0032E004,word,00000000 //Activate Internal Widescreen (Vert-)
    patch=1,EE,0019435C,word,3C013F40 //Camera Zoom
    patch=1,EE,0033E880,word,3C023F19 //Menu Graphics Scale
    patch=1,EE,0034133C,word,3C034555 //Config/Save Background Size
    patch=1,EE,003B14EC,word,3C024555 //Black Background Size
    patch=1,EE,00117E34,word,240200C0 //Company Logo Screens Width (192px)
    patch=1,EE,002B2CA0,word,3C0343D5 //Game Logo X Position
    patch=1,EE,002B2D4C,word,3C0343D5 //Trademark X Position
    patch=1,EE,002B2DF8,word,3C0343AD //Author Name X Position
    patch=1,EE,002B2EF0,word,3C0243D5 //New Game X Position
    patch=1,EE,002B3050,word,3C0243D5 //Continue X Position
    patch=1,EE,002B3130,word,3C0243D5 //Config X Position
    patch=1,EE,002B3220,word,3C0243D5 //Sound Test X Position
    patch=1,EE,002B3300,word,3C0243D5 //Game Record X Position
    patch=1,EE,002B1A3C,word,3C0243D5 //Game Over Alternate Third Option Text X Position
    patch=1,EE,002B1A04,word,3C0243D5 //Game Over View Skit Text X Position
    patch=1,EE,002B19C8,word,3C0243D5 //Game Over Quit Game Text X Position
    patch=1,EE,002B199C,word,3C0343D5 //Game Over Load Data Text X Position
    patch=1,EE,002B1A70,word,3C0243D5 //Game Over Upper Centre Text X Position
    patch=1,EE,0036892C,word,3C033F19 //Notice Textbox GFX Scale
    patch=1,EE,00338CC8,word,3C023F19 //Action Indicator GFX Position Multiplier
    patch=1,EE,00338C84,word,3C1B3F40 //Action Indicator GFX Scale
    patch=1,EE,00338CA0,word,449B0000 //Action Indicator GFX Scale Update
    patch=1,EE,003B1620,word,3C0343D5 //Checking Memory Card Textbox X Position
    patch=1,EE,003B0C40,word,3C0343D5 //Loading System Data Textbox X Position
    patch=1,EE,003AFCB0,word,3C0343D5 //System Data Load Complete Textbox X Position
    patch=1,EE,003877E4,word,3C0343D5 //Load Selected File Textbox X Position
    patch=1,EE,003B98E4,word,3C0343D5 //Exit Sound Test Textbox X Position
    patch=1,EE,00386C70,word,3C0343D5 //Save Error Textbox X Position
    patch=1,EE,00389264,word,3C0343D5 //Checking Memory Card Textbox X Position
    patch=1,EE,00386B98,word,3C0343D5 //Saving Game Data Textbox X Position
    patch=1,EE,003864E8,word,3C0343D5 //Saving System Data Textbox X Position
    patch=1,EE,003865B4,word,3C0343D5 //Save Complete Textbox X Position
    patch=1,EE,00385F40,word,3C0343D5 //Overwrite Save? Textbox X Position
    patch=1,EE,0057AC90,word,444EC000 //Action Indicator X Position
    patch=1,EE,002B46C4,word,240601AA //Room Names X Position
    patch=1,EE,002A265C,word,3C034455 //Character Textbox Viewport Width (Out of Battle)
    patch=1,EE,002A5080,word,3C034455 //Character Textbox Viewport Width (In Battle)
    patch=1,EE,0030837C,word,3C013F95 //Portraits Zoom
    patch=1,EE,002CE478,word,3C034415 //Portraits Vert
    patch=1,EE,002CE4E0,word,3C024400 //Portraits Y Position
    patch=1,EE,005D6878,word,43D55555 //Skits Text Position
    patch=1,EE,002A3CF8,word,3C0543D5 //Get Item Textbox Position
    patch=1,EE,002A222C,word,3C074455 //Story Textbox Range Extend
    patch=1,EE,0011A668,word,00000000 //Bloom Off
    patch=1,EE,E01ECCCD,extended,00684180 //Battle Enable Condition
    patch=1,EE,2068417C,extended,3C063F19 //Battle Status Face Width
    patch=1,EE,20683A18,extended,3C093F19 //Battle Status Numbers Width
    patch=1,EE,2066D2D8,extended,3C05444D //Battle Hits Counter X Position
    patch=1,EE,206A9818,extended,3C024273 //Battle Triangle Fade Size
    patch=1,EE,2066D980,extended,3C0443D5 //Arte Names X Position
    patch=1,EE,2068F17C,extended,3C034455 //Battle Fades with Colour Size
    patch=1,EE,2066EEE0,extended,3C0243D5 //Pause Shadow Position
    patch=1,EE,2066EF1C,extended,3C0243D5 //Pause Text Position
    patch=1,EE,2067B04C,extended,3C034455 //Battle Fades with Image Size
    patch=1,EE,2066BC6C,extended,3C024449 //Battle Enemy Name Header Width
    patch=1,EE,2066BCB0,extended,3C03444F //Battle Enemy Name Header Edge Position
    patch=1,EE,2066BE1C,extended,3C03444D //Battle Enemy Name Position
    patch=1,EE,206523DC,extended,3C034455 //Battle Damage Number Placement Scale
    patch=1,EE,20696804,extended,3C0543D5 //Starting Position of Battle Rewards
    patch=1,EE,20694290,extended,3C02442F //Destination Position of Gald Time Grade Rewards
    patch=1,EE,2069305C,extended,3C024438 //Details Battle End Text Position
    patch=1,EE,20693000,extended,3C02442B //Details Battle End Box Position
    patch=1,EE,20696CD8,extended,240301AA //Textbox Position Item Won From Battle
    patch=1,EE,206969E8,extended,24030335 //Textbox Size Item Won From Battle
    patch=1,EE,20696A10,extended,240301AA //Textbox Position Item Won From Battle (Part 2)
    patch=1,EE,20696A0C,extended,24020335 //Textbox Size Item Won From Battle (Part 2)
    patch=1,EE,20684720,extended,3C023F19 //In Battle Level Change Indicator Size
    patch=1,EE,206C1DA8,extended,43810000 //Artes Selection Position
    patch=1,EE,206C1DC8,extended,43A50000 //Strat Selection Position
    patch=1,EE,206C1DE8,extended,43C90000 //Equip Selection Position
    patch=1,EE,206C1E08,extended,43ED0000 //Item Selection Position
    patch=1,EE,206C1E28,extended,44088000 //Escape Selection Position
    patch=1,EE,2066AE8C,extended,3C034416 //Enemy Name Selection Screen Position
    patch=1,EE,2066AF0C,extended,3C03445D //Enemy Name Slide Out Position
    patch=1,EE,2064C4E8,extended,3C034455 //Battle Motion Blur Size
    patch=1,EE,00579B40,word,43D55555 //Centered Story Textboxes X Position
    patch=1,EE,00579B68,word,43D55555 //Game Over Skit Textboxes X Position
    patch=1,EE,00579B50,word,43D55555 //Top Aligned Story Textboxes X Position
    patch=1,EE,E0173F6E,extended,00673BA0 //World Map Enable Condition
    patch=1,EE,20673B98,extended,3C023F19 //Upper Left Offset (World Map)
    patch=1,EE,20673DC8,extended,3C023F19 //Upper Right Offset (World Map)
    patch=1,EE,20673FF8,extended,3C023F19 //Lower Left Offset (World Map)
    patch=1,EE,20674228,extended,3C023F19 //Lower Right Offset (World Map)
    patch=1,EE,20672528,extended,3C023F19 //Upper Left World Map Scissor Offset
    patch=1,EE,20672758,extended,3C023F19 //Upper Right World Map Scissor Offset
    patch=1,EE,20672988,extended,3C023F19 //Lower Left World Map Scissor Offset
    patch=1,EE,20672BB8,extended,3C023F19 //Lower Right World Map Scissor Offset
    patch=1,EE,2066B790,extended,3C033F19 //East Offset (World Map)
    patch=1,EE,2066BB40,extended,3C033F19 //West Offset (World Map)
    patch=1,EE,2066BEF0,extended,3C033F19 //South Offset (World Map)
    patch=1,EE,2066C2A0,extended,3C033F19 //North Offset (World Map)
    patch=1,EE,2066C650,extended,3C033F19 //Wanted Direction Shadow 1 Offset (World Map)
    patch=1,EE,2066CA00,extended,3C033F19 //Wanted Direction Shadow 2 Offset (World Map)
    patch=1,EE,2066CDB0,extended,3C033F19 //Wanted Direction Shadow 3 Offset (World Map)
    patch=1,EE,206A47A4,extended,240601AA //Level Names (Places) X Position (World Map)
    patch=1,EE,206A4A48,extended,240601AA //Level Names (Objects) X Position (World Map)
    patch=1,EE,206A3F08,extended,240601AA //Level Names (Alternate) X Position (World Map)
    patch=1,EE,206A47F8,extended,240602A1 //Enter (Places) X Position (World Map)
    patch=1,EE,206A4AC8,extended,240602A1 //Enter (Objects) X Position (World Map)
    patch=1,EE,206A3F9C,extended,240602A1 //Enter (Alternate) X Position (World Map)
    patch=1,EE,206AA610,extended,3C154480 //Fades X Position (World Map)
    patch=1,EE,206AA654,extended,3C134200 //Fades Size (World Map)
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  11. proffk

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    Aug 14, 2013
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    Tales Of The Abyss USA version with widescreen hack should work with a custom config according to compatibility list.

    Rebuild pkg and add this to your ps4.cfg or use the premade one.

    Custom Config
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  12. moonblood666

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    Feb 24, 2014
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    Wouldn't it look very bad without any upscaling and uprendering applied?
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  13. proffk

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    Some PS2 games on PS4 the upscale can sometimes give graphical corruption.