PS2 HDD Ethernet

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    All it does is convert one plug to another, your USB HDD will need to know what to do when it's confronted by a Ethernet connection instead of the USB connection it assumed it was getting. It's such a huge selling feature that your USB hard drive would have listed it in the specification and you would have paid extra.

    The reviews that say it works great are either jokes, lies or people with very specific hardware.

    You can get converters for anything

    The only use I could see for this is to make really long usb cables by converting each end from RJ45 to USB, you can get HDMI to RJ45 converters that do the same thing.
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    Nope, it's impossible - you need an IDE interface for that and that's on-board the network adapter. If you have a Slim, you're out of luck unless you're lucky to have a compatible revision and you're willing to do a wicked solder job.

    On a Slim you have three options - disc-based loading via ESR, USB loading (buggy and plagued by FMV stutter and slow transfer rate) and Ethernet loading via SMB (recommended if you wish to avoid using discs).