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    I'm trying to play a burnt game on my ps2. Before I bought any DVDs, I remembered I had CDs lying around. I used one on Smuggler's Run. It was small enough to fit and I think it was supposed to work. On the disc, it says Maxwell CD-R. After trying to play it in ESR, the screen went black. I tried again, and this time I checked the box in the bottom right. It said "Invalid media in drive". I did a little research, and I forgot to patch the ISO before burning. I tried patching it and it wouldn't patch. It gave the error "No UDF Descriptor!". I looked up this error and I think it only happens with CD games and they just can't be patched. So now I'm back at square one. When burning, I used write speed x1. However, imgburn said that my disk drive only supported x10 speed for discs like the one I used. I don't know if it wrote at x1 speed or x10 speed. It went quickly though, so I'll assume x10 speed was used. What do I do from here? Thanks for your help everybody.
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    ESR doesn't work with CD games. Only dvd games.