( Ps1 ) Disc swap and/or burning question/problem

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by zehsebas, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. zehsebas

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    Jun 29, 2014
    Well, that's a complicated titel. But thanks for clicking anyway!

    So, i was hoping one of you could help me out!
    I bought a second hand PS1 from my local gameshop, for nostagic reasons ofcourse.
    Did you know that games like Finalfantasy 7 cost like, 70 or 100 euros here, it's insane!

    Anycow, i wanted to burn/play backups but i'm encountering a few problems.
    When i ( i think atleast ) succesfully discswap a game, i get this weird loading bar ( See picture 1 )
    And also, when I burn backups, the disc shows these files ( See picture 2) Other people get this ( See picture 3 )

    I use Verbatum cd-r, Imgburn, speed 8x and tried 16x.
    ( On Imgburn, i click the .cue file ( Most downloads contain a .bin and a .cue and nothing else) )
    Could anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong?

    Thanks in adv

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  2. emmanu888

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    Jan 25, 2009
    Your swaps has to be at the right moment or it won't work. Some games don't with the swap method, can't you scrounge up a few euros to get a modchip for the thing ? My PSOne has a modchip so i don't have to fumble around swapping discs and risking breaking the laser assembly
  3. zehsebas

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    Jun 29, 2014
    Problem with that is that i really cant find a reseller here in holland.
    Are there any legit international resellers? Most websites look super fishy.
  4. Ryupower

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    Oct 8, 2007
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    how are you booting the game

    i have an older ps1 with a parallel port and a game enhancer (plugged into the port) (not that one but something just like it)
    i have a spring in the system to hold the the lid closed button so when the system powers on and the game enhancer load and the system loads "boot info" on the disc and stops spinning i switch with and back-up

    doing a hot swap is tricky
  5. master801

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    Feb 24, 2011
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    The lower you burn the games at, the better compatibility it will have.
  6. zehsebas

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    Jun 29, 2014
    I don't have a game enhancer, really i have never even heard of it.
    I have the lid open at all times, used a bit of tape to make it think it's closed.

    The way i discswap;
    Legit game, spins up
    Legit games, slows down a bit
    Swap to burnd game
    Burnd game, goes super fast
    Burnd game, goed slows down a bit
    I swap the burnd game for the legit game, super fast
    When the playstation logo disappears, i swap it for the burnd game
  7. zehsebas

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    Jun 29, 2014

    So you confirm that this 'loading bar' is there because i burnd the cd's to fast?
  8. zehsebas

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    Jun 29, 2014
    I burned another copy on my other computer on 8x speed.
    Still, i get the same gray bar.

    Does anyone know a legit webshop that sells modchips?
  9. Cyan

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    Your disc is correctly burned (though 2x or 4x speed is better), you don't have the same files because it's not the same game.
    There are two files that are always required :
    System.cnf and the one with the TitleID (SLUS_xxxx.xx)
    Other files and folders depend on the game developers decision.

    The thread where you found the file structure picture, the users tried to burn Castlevania, so I showed SOTN file structure.

    If you are swapping when the disc slow down, not all games will work.
    only games smaller (data track/audio track number) than the disc you used to boot, or else data located on higher location on your burned disc won't be accessible.

    You don't need to swap 2x, only 1 time is enough. But you need to do it at the correctly.

    First thing to know : Not all console are swap compatible!
    only earlier models let you swap. SCPH1000, SCPH1001, SCPH1002

    There are some SCPH1002 consoles (second wave of manufacturing) which don't work with swap.

    There are two swap methods, and to know if your console is compatible, you can use the Method1 (Easy method).
    - Go to audio player
    - put an original game
    - block the lid detector
    - disc start spinning and stop spinning
    - swap the disc
    - Exit the audio player
    - The second game starts.
    - Put the console vertical (not 90° but you'll have to test some working angles)
    If your burned disc starts and play, your console is compatible.

    Method 2
    If you want the proper swap timing, you need Method2 (harder)
    it's tricky to explain, I'll try to do it.

    - open the lid and block the cover detector (I'm using adhesive paper/tape pressed inside. so you can close the cover when playing, it prevent accidental fail of the lid detector)
    - put the original game (whatever the game size, number of tracks etc.)
    - place your fingers "gently touching" the optic bloc around the disc, ready to swap, and feel the optic bloc mouvement. <--- this is the important part
    - power on your console and feel the optic bloc, it'll do two different things:
    1-- First it will position the lens at the correct position of the disc, ready to read the TOC
    2-- Then it will read the current disc TOC (table of content, determining the game data size/track number). When it's reading the TOC, the lens is making movement and noise at the same time. You can feel the moment if you correctly touch the optical bloc. You should sense the lens doing three "Tic" (Tic tic tic).
    If you can feel it, it's good ! You know when to swap with method 2 :)
    - Then the disc slow down
    - then the disc accelerate again and launch
    - Put the console vertical (not 90° but you'll have to test some working angles)

    You need to swap between step 1 and step 2.
    If you feel the tic-tic-tic, it's too late ;)
    If you swap too soon, it won't boot at all, and sometime the disc even stop spinning.

    This method can be done ingame too. just feel the lens movements and you'll do it right with time and experience.