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    Vita Hacking Quickstart Guide and Useful Links!
    Hello there! :)
    If you are new to the Vita hacking scene, here is an awesome place to start your hacking journey! I will, hopefully, always be updating this page with clear and concise guides and tutorials so you guys don't have to end up wasting time finding them. (although you can do a quick 5-second google search, but that's not the point. You could find them in 2 seconds here! ^_^)

    Before I begin to show you the full list of links, I will just give you a pointer of the things you can and can't do on certain firmwares:
    • You can't use the email exploit if you are below 3.00. There were some vital changes to the email application in 3.00 to make the exploit function.
    • You can call out the PKG installer on 3.20 and up, but you can't open it. You can only open it on 3.18 or lower.
    • Furthermore, the 'PSM Dev for Unity' install method works on firmwares 3.00-3.52, but the app itself won't open on 3.52 due to that firmware (and upwards) revoking PSM support.
    • You can't directly write to the PSP/GAME folder if you are on 3.50 or higher. However, there is a circumvention for that using the email exploit and SMOKE's PSP_INSTALLER method.
    • Which leads me on to say that the email exploit is patched as of 3.55.
    • Which also leads me on to say that the Portable Ops exploit is for JP regions only, and Mimina Lyar Chronicles has been pulled from the PS Store. So anyone who has entered the hacking scene on 3.55 is screwed, unless they have installed a VHBL, ARK, or TN-V bubble before-hand. If so, you can do some of the tutorials, but not all, due to restrictions and patches.

    So yeah... below here, you will find links to some useful hacking tuto's and tools!

    Useful Guides:
    Hackinformer's Vita Playstation Guide with some cool tutorials and tricks!
    Guide to install PSM Dev assistant for Unity on FWs 3.00-3.51
    How to set up the hidden PKG installer
    How to fix the "?" symbol for email attachments
    3.55 TN-V11 Installation guide
    How to install ISOs/CSOs onto TN-V and ARK
    Write to the PSP/GAME folder on firmwares 3.50, 3.51 and 3.52!
    ARK-2 installation without an exploit game
    TN-V11 installation without an exploit game
    VHBL installation without an exploit game
    Freakler's >3.20 install packages
    Voxel Studios' >3.20 install packages
    Arizato's PS Vita Hacking News/Overview/FAQ
    Voxel Studios' Ultimate PS Vita/PSTV hacking guide
    Dumping full Vita cartridges. (Some limitations on what you can dump)
    Shrinefox's Digital Vita game dumping, with no PFS encryption attached to files!
    Some Registry Hacks for the Vita
    Hacking and Modifying the look of Trophies
    PSTV Whitelist Hack

    Useful Tools:
    Writer.eml (send using Thunderbird and use it to fix the "?" symbol on your attachments)
    DB Browser for SQLite (use this to modify your Vita's databases)
    PSX2PSP (turns your PSX ISOs into PSP EBOOTS)
    Want cheat support for your PSP games? Try CWCheat!
    SignFakeNPExpert (re-signs your PSP ISOs with a new title ID and turns them into EBOOTs)
    QCMA (for those who haven't downloaded it yet)

    Please let me know if I have missed any good tutorials or tools out, as I'm sure there is plenty of other useful stuff out there! :)
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    ive got a psvita slim on 3.51 been trying to follow your guide for the mail hack so i can further exploit the system had a hell of a time getting the attachment to show up as an image but now it freezes when i open the email with a popup saying please wait if i close the app and reopen i can get the proper error but when i hit home and exit and reload the app it just opens the app to my email again its not resetting the mail app
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    Quick question.

    I just bought the Borderlands 2 Vita bundle on eBay. Supposedly, it comes with either 3.18 or 3.30, but no higher than that (I don't have it yet, I'm just trying to figure everything out before it comes in). I know I can install a TN-V11 bubble using just a PSP demo, and that much I understand how to do just fine, but I'm finding myself very confused about how PS1 games work. Could someone help me out and explain how running PS1 games from the PSP XMB would work? I would like to have it just like it was on the PSP, where you can just run it off the SD card after injecting the game. I really hope I don't need to use this TN-X game thing, because I was hoping to get by with just a demo and running it directly from TN-V11.
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