Homebrew [Project] Controlling robots with the 3DS browser.


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Mar 15, 2015
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Last year, I made a robot with a Raspberry Pi but I originally used my laptop to control it - which wasn't exactly ideal. I then decided to use my 3DS as a controller instead, as I didn't really use it much anyway.

After spending several months learning web design, Javascript and PHP (which is pretty easy to learn), I had finally made something that worked - a simple 3DS friendly UI to control robots!

This is similar to the homebrew posted here except that this is written purely in HTML, CSS and Javascript - no modding or hacks involved. So yeah - the 3DS browser is good for something, I guess :yaysp:.

Here is a video (sorry that the brightness is a bit sucky, I was using a Nexus 7... The camera is crappy in low light):

The web page also downloads JSON data in the background, then parses it and writes it to <DIV>'s, showing system info.

Other features:

  • Exploit Launcher (to run GW, homebrew etc)
  • RC Car Controller (it has predefined radio schematics, allowing you to control RC toys - the signal is broadcast by the RPi. You could be malicious with this if you wanted to :rofl2:)
  • FM Radio Broadcaster (Allows you to stream music to a local FM radio)
  • Simple Command Line Entry
  • Shutdown and Reboot Buttons
Would be nice if I could port these features to an actual homebrew app, though I don't know how to develop HB as I haven't really taken the time to learn how to do so. Would be rad if someone developed a template that I could learn from!
If you wanna help me in doing so, this is all the template needs so I can get "basic" functionality:
  • Send/Recieve HTTP Requests
  • Parse JSON
  • Detect key presses
  • Send UDP/TCP packets (this is for the Pi-RC server)
Thanks for reading!

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