Problems With TWLSaveTool

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    May 21, 2017
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    I've already posted this topic before, but nobody found it and it faded into obscurity, so I'm trying again. About a week or two ago, I got Heart Gold (Not on a flashcart, just the game itself) and wanted to edit my save a bit by using PKSM. Apparently I need TWLSaveTool to dump a save to edit the save file. I downloaded it (As a CIA from TitleDB through FBI, not on Homebrew) and launched it (With the game card in), but the screen stayed on the "TWLSaveTool 1.1 by TuxSH" without anything else showing. I'm able to open up Rosalina and navigate around, but the full app never loads. Powering off just gives me a Prefetch Abort (Kernel Panic). Does anyone know how I can actually launch the app, or of any other alternate apps/ways in general to get the save file? (I have Luma CFW updated to 8.1, and my firmware is 11.5)

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