Problems With SD Port in Wii U

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    Apr 19, 2016
    Hello my friends here with a big problem.

    It turns out that for some months I tried to put the Wii U hack on my console at that time was to run games through Loadiine in the SD so I try and I run half and I wanted to correct some things and add games, when I try again Of SD memory. At the time I did not care and I left, but when I left the option to run games by means of Hard Disk I took it back thinking that the SD was damaged or something, I formatted it and try again with one and another SD and nothing . Reviewing here and on the web the damage of the SD port was common, so I proceeded with a technician to repair the error. And here begins the madness, it turns out that I take it to repair with a technician and I changed the port, I happy for it to return home and surprise starts everything well starts Rednand dumpling ends everything well I proceed to support this in the PC I surprise no There is nand in the SD, I check again and nothing thinking I was unique I was prepared to retry it and no SD reading error again I try another memory and the same. Concerned I take the console with the technician again and tells me that it is rare that he will review it. And after a few days in diagnosis tells me that the console has a Semibrick and that there is damage on the mother board irreparable. The strange thing is that the console runs normal everything I have original and is only the problem of SD. The cost of buying a new console or looking for a change is very high. Someone knows something like that if I can repair it someday or if it is better idea to look for a new console or better invest that money in games at the end that are not so many. Please help.

    My greetings to all.