Problems with running CIA Games in the new SD.

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    Jun 3, 2014
    Hey guys, i've had some problems lately and i need help.

    Until now i've been using my 3DS with an 8GB SD, unlocked the 3DS with it, installed rxTools (So i could acess Emunand), yadda yadda, yadda, you know the drill. But 8GB is a really short amount for certain games, so i bought a 32GB one.

    I noticed that copying the content from one SD to the other doesn't work (I know it SOUNDS stupid, but it didn't hurt to try) so i tried instead to format the new 32SD and unlock the 3DS again through him, installing the games's .cia.

    The unlocking went fine, it went to rxTools no problems, the problem was in installing the .cia. For some reason they always give a "Invalid .cia" error. I found out it was necessary to create 2 archives in certain places on the SD. These were: import.db and title.db

    After that i would have to go in the 3DS'S options so it would delete those archives and recreate new functional ones! Hurray! It worked! ... Sort of.

    The FBI/BigBlueMenu DID install the .cia, but only for the games that had been instaled in the 8GB SD, which means any new game keeps getting the same error, be it in installing or in the very game that crashes and ends.

    I made some tests, installed some game (That didn't work in the 32SD) on the 8SD, and it worked fine, so then i tried to do that on the 32SD now that i had installed it on the 8 one, and it worked! For some reason my 3DS only recognizes the 8SD as the "master key" to define which game will or won't be recognised. If i want to install something on the 32SD, i first have to install it on the 8GB.

    I COULD live with that, but... Certain games are waay too big for the 8SD. I wanna play Pokemon Moon, and even uninstalling everything, it's still too big to fit in this one, so i'm kinda stumped.

    Is there no way to assign my 32SD as the MAIN SD so i don't have to do all this wacky business?

    I know a lot of people are going to mention USB Image Tool, but believe me, that was my second idea, and the results were catastrophic! It managed to transfer everything from the 8 to the 32, but then my 32SD became an 8GB one! I almost lost 24GB of space in this try, which made the whole idea redundant.

    After MANY tutorials, i managed to make the SD go back to normal, obviously giving away the already transfered itens, going back to the same place.

    I REALLY can't find any other answer. Stuck with a SD with little space being recognized as the main one. Does anyone know how to make the 32 one be the main one? Without depending on the old 8GB one that doesn't even have any purpose anymore.
    Also without making my 32GB having less space, of course. Kind of defeats the purpose.
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    To use "USB Image Tool" (or equivalent) you would need to use a partition manager to resize the partition afterwards. For example EaseUS Partition Master (Windows) or GParted (Linux). Expand the partition to the right only in case you have emunand. This will restore the full amount of space while keeping the transferred data.